6 comments on “Untraveled Forever Beginning

  1. If it would be possible to like a post multiple times I’d give you two likes. One for the poem, and another one for using one of my favourite pictures (Apollo 8 Earthrise). 🙂

    • Thanks so much Soosh. I put poem to picture about 10 years ago. Like I said before I went on a 7 year hiatus without writing or sharing anything and I’m just now getting back into it.

      Hopeful that sharing stuff I’ve already produce helps me get to writing again. I have written over 100 poems already so it isn’t like I have lack of material. Just lack of what I would consider good material. And with lofty plans at 3 books I need so much more.

      • Well, I don’t know much about poems to be honest, but I do like that they can have multiple meanings, depending on how a person interprets them.

        So keep ‘em commin’ 😀
        And good luck with your books 🙂

      • 100?! That’s more material than I’ve produced in ages, so you’re on the right track. I haven’t read a lot of poetry books in the last year or so, but most run about 70 pgs. Consider that about a book and a half already, unless you’ll eventually cull your favorites out of that and toss aside others.

        Oh, and if you’ll allow me to get a little poetically ‘snobbish’ for a moment, I quite liked the line breaks at the end: Starting over ain’t / all bad / as you will find / at the beginning. That flows nicely.

      • Yea I was thinking I don’t have enough quality material for even one yet but getting close. Thanks for your opinion on my line breaks and I don’t consider it snooberish at all. In fact for someone to use such a made up word about it I find very humorous since I like to make up words sometimes in my poems. Hope you don’t mind if I steal that one at some point.

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